Prebuilt computers

Need a computer that has already been built and ready to go or in a hurry? Visit our Offerup, FaceBook Marketplace or eBay page to buy a computer!

Comission Rate:

$75 USD, that is all.


$40 For Custom Loop Builds

comission computers

“Built To Order” computers are computers are in the name, built to order. This process contains us contacting each other and discuss the computer that fit your needs!

just need technical help?

This is a free service that if you need technical help with your device, I’m more than happy to help. Feel free to contact me!


There are some rules to this. First we try to fix the issue if has one then proceed if it’s defective. If it’s a prebuilt computer, you can get a refund or a replacement unless stated: “AS-IS”. If it’s a “Built-To-Order” computer, there is no refunds, trading-in for a computer may be an option.

This service is under my free time hence being free. I’ll do my best of going through and helping everyone. I may stop doing this if it is being flooded with spam.

Please read the “About” page.

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